Great candid footage of the Stones from “Gimme Shelter” listening to “Wild Horses” in the studio.

Tough chicas

Tough chicas

Uncle Moose - Funeral for the Garbage Collector
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I amplified a chord organ and my soar throat into this old CRT monitor I’ve been mucking around with the last few nights. A friend of mine was asking for a drone to add some other instrumentation on top of - so here that is. A funeral dirge for the last man alive on a trash planet orbiting a garbage star.

Looking at the Hoosac Tunnel for a possible Cave Music Volume 3!

An experiment for a technique to be used in a music video I’m working on. Forcing sound through the video input of an old SONY cathode ray tube television. What you see is a visual representation of the 45 RPM record, as interpreted by the 9-51UW, as well as the raw sound blaring out of the built-in speakers of the the TV. It cuts out at the beginning and end because the low end of the fade is too quiet to register. Best viewed in a dark room.

One of my favorite musical moments in film, from Leos Carax’ 1986 work “Mauvais Sang” (Bad Blood). It may look familiar because Noah Baumbach recently ripped it off for Frances Ha! You just can’t beat the physicality of Denis Lavant’s performance here - so good.

two-color tree variations